It's hard to imagine anyone taking seriously a satirical proposal to build an airport on Central Park. Except maybe for the Huffington Post, which ran with the story on its front page tonight.

As show in the attached screenshot, the website billed the airport plan as crucial New York news. Combine HuffPo's hunger for traffic with its ugly habit of lifting content from other websites, and this is the amusing result; apparently the sarcasm in the original Curbed item was too subtle for the website's editors.

If the concept doesn't seem an obvious satire on its face, there's always the over-the-top website, which calls Central Park a "blighted urban space" that needs to be "reclaim[ed]" and assures that Tavern on the Green will "be given the option of applying for a franchisee lease in the concourse food court."

Then there's the fact that the Manhattan Airport Foundation's website supposedly dates to 2006 but did not register its domain name until April; that its Wikipedia page was created on July 16 of this year; and that it is located on the 58th floor of a building with 57 stories (hat tip to our own John Cook for digging up the last two).

We're sure Arianna Huffington, a notorious micromanager of her website's front page, will be thrilled.