Max Isaacson, who directed the fake Sprite Blow Job Spec Ad that was too hot for the world emails: it was a spec ad. Not a real ad. Not connected to the Coca-Cola Company! Hopefully they won't sue him now.

The video has been pulled from Youtube — "This video is no longer available due to a trademark claim by a third party" — so you will never ever see a blowjob involving Sprite on the Internet ever again.

Here's what Max has to say:

My name is Max Isaacson,
I directed and produced the fake Sprite ads that have been making the rounds over the past five days. There have been quite a lot of false statements made regarding these and I would like to make a few things very clear about these spots. First, there was no involvement from either The Coca-Cola Company or Greencard Pictures. Second, this was not supposed to be taken seriously by anybody. They were made completely on spec, which was clearly stated on the YouTube pages on which the ads were primarily seen. I paid for, produced and directed both spots independently. I am frankly quite surprised that spots of this nature were so quickly and easily believed to be legitimate. I hope that all parties involved will understand that this was a simple mistake that went much too far too fast, and that it is now made clear that these were not real commercials, nor were they ever produced with intention of being taken as such.

Thank you,
Max Isaacson

PS: I would like to thank Gawker personally for immediately realizing that these were spec commercials. I believe you were one of only two sources that did any fact checking before posting.