As lazy August gnaws at our edges, we can start expecting at least one thing: Autumn Oscar-candidate trailers. We've got two for you today! There's the much-ballyhooed An Education, a stuffy British trifle, and Amelia, a string-tugging biopic.

The old guard at Defamer simply lurved An Education, the Nick Hornby-penned movie about Carey Mulligan (so affecting in The Seagull on Broadway last year) falling in love with an older, dangerous Peter Sarsgaard (less affecting in that same production.)

It looks like one of those stirring, sentimental-in-the-right-smart-ways, heartachers that always get Oscar buzz but never actually get invited to the big dance. Though, now that there will be a whopping ten Best Picture nominees, maybe this lil' thing will swoop on in.

Speaking of swooping! Here's also a trailer, that's been out a week or so, yes, for Amelia, Mira Nair's misguided-looking biopic of famed aeronautical lesbo-type Amelia Earhart. And who better to play yet another lesbo-type than one Hillary Swank, the worst actress with two Oscars currently working in cinema today? She looks predictably awful in the movie, with an increasingly bedraggled Richard Gere bringing up the rear. The movie is about flying! Of the body and the spirit!