Robin Katz is a "sexy 25-year-old financial planner working at Chase's Midtown headquarters," according to the New York Post, who allegedly ripped off a client to the tune of $110,000 so she could spend it "shopping" and "going out."

Katz is a graduate of Smith College, and to judge by her Facebook friends—who hail from Yale, Harvard, Wellesley, Princeton, the Phillips Exeter Academy, etc.—she is pretty firmly ensconced in the ranks of America's elite youth. She certainly seemed pedigreed and trustworthy enough for her clients to entrust her with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mistake! Because she is also a gangsta who is accused of running off a fake ATM card of one of those clients and withdrawing $110,000 since last June for walking around money. According to the Post, Katz's neighbors describe her as "kinda kooky," and her MySpace page described her interests thusly:

Politics: Fuck Bush
Sex: Fuck Me

Katz reportedly went on the lam in May, telling her bosses at Chase that she had a family emergency in California to attend to. The bank tracked her down and convinced her to come back to New York to explain what happened to the client's money; she was arrested last week and is currently in Riker's Island on $50,000 bail. According to the criminal complaint (below), cops found the ATM card and four receipts on Katz when they arrested her. Why would you keep the receipts? And according to the New York criminal courts web site, she's currently being represented by the Legal Aid Society. How far they fall, and how fast.

[Via Intelligencer.]