A reporter for Star Magazine is maybe dating fertile divorced daddy reality star and man-about-town Jon Gosselin! This reporter is named "Kate," just like his ex-wife. We cannot think of a more appropriate couple.

Page Six says that Star reporter Kate Major is Gosselin's "latest fling," which apparently means she was seen eating dinner with him, and then a bunch of her fake friends talked a lot of shit to P6.

"She's a crackerjack reporter, very talented, very good-looking," said one of her bosses. "Sure, she uses her charms to get stories. Don't we all?" Major has previously been able to get close to people like Britney Spears' ex J.R. Rotem and Lindsay Lohan.

This could mean anything. Most likely possibilities:

1. She is flirting with him to get stories.
2. She is sleeping with him to get stories.
3. She went out to dinner with him, which means nothing.
4. She has fallen hard for Jon Gosselin's charms and he is using her to manipulate the celebrity-industrial complex to his own advantage.
5. Kate Major totally had a foursome with Jon Gosselin, J.R. Rotem, and Lindsay Lohan.

The one sure thing is that Kate Major's "friend" who told P6 she just got out of rehab is a "jerk." If this relationship were real, it would mean that Jon Gosselin is cheating on that girl he got with after leaving his ex-wife and Kate Major is cheating on journalism, so it would be perfect. Kudos to Star, for ruthlessness in love and gossip.
[P6. Pic: INF]