The New York Post is shocked and outraged—not to mention disgusted—that some sicko perv secretly took a nude video of hot, sexy blond ESPN anchor Erin Andrews and posted it online. The Post is flabbergasted. And dismayed.

Words are simply not sufficient to express the New York Post's fury at this perverted, unnatural desecration, which was first reported by our jocky sibling Deadspin. No, it will take a slide show of images from the nude video for the Post to properly communicate how livid it is at this breakdown of all that is good and moral. The powerful caption, accompanied by three Erin Andrews nooodddzzzzz:

VIOLATION: ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews (above) was the innocent victim of a perv-cam-wielding sicko who secretly took these images of her in her hotel room and posted them online.

The New York Post is both nauseated and indignant.