Surely you've read the Twitter works of noted wordsmith Sarah Palin and wondered to yourself, "How does she string together such poetry so effortlessly?" Very, very slowly!

Now, we follow Palin's trainwreck Twitter account, which we sincerely feel is the best thing the internet has ever produced, so we're well-versed in her unique brand of tweet-buffoonery, but what we hadn't noticed previously was the time it takes for her to condense the broad thoughts conjured up by her leviathan intellect down to 140-character tweets. The hitch in catching on to this was taking notice of her tweets within the first hour of their publication, when they're still logged chronologically on Twitter dashboards by the system in minute time frames.

Check out the tweets in the screengrab below caught by Eric Spiegelman earlier tonight. These five tweets are all conjoined, all part of the same dipshit-y thought, which was another one of her maniacal rants about the endless stream of ethics complaints logged against her. Starting with the first one at the bottom, take a look at the time lapse in between the posting of each tweet. In total, it took Palin 27 minutes to spit out this one thought, and it was still expressed almost completely incoherently.

On a related note, a new poll released yesterday had Sarah Palin within six points of Barack Obama in a hypothetical 2012 Presidential Election Death Match.

Finally, in one last bit of Sarah Palin hilarity, Vanity Fair had their literary editor take a red pen to Palin's rhetorical abortion of a resignation speech from a couple of weeks ago. We highly recommend checking it out.

Screengrab via Eric Spiegelman
Illustration via Dan Lacey