Bill O'Reilly is so torn up over the death of Walter Cronkite. According to Bill, Cronkite was a liberal, but he didn't let his political views influence his reporting, unlike everyone around today, everyone except Fox News of course.

You see, there is just so much media bias out there right now. It's sickening. Just sickening! NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN—they're all just a bunch of liberal hacks trying to indoctrinate the masses into their little cult of pansy-ass liberalism. How dare they besmirch the memory of Walter Cronkite (who was murdered by Dan Rather by the way) a deeply flawed man who was probably a communist, but was so desperate to appease Jesus that he refused let it show on the air. If only more of the media we like him and, of course, Fox News, because they will never tolerate any of this political bias crap, because Bill O'Reilly and Bernard Goldberg said so.

"Fair and Balanced," always and forever. Never forget, folks. Never forget.