Angry and unbeaten white suspects made a Vanity Fair editor angry; Facebook friendings sparked an ego-tweet; and self deprecation was deprecated. The Twitterati were eagerly reading between the lines.

Vanity Fair's Michael Hogan thought for sure he was going to get to watch some police brutality, all live like, but the mouthy driver Hogan was watching got off without so much as a black eye. This was intended to illustrate white privilege in action, part 946.

Macworld's Jason Snell refreshed his ego on Facebook.

Mark Glaser didn't like to think of Mark Glaser as a brand, according to Mark Glaser, but Mark Glaser got over it. For example, the PBS writer sometimes refers to others as "some people" rather than with a name or link that might dilute the brand of Mark Glaser. Not that we're saying Mark Glaser planned it that way, or anything.

Yahoo video journalist Sarah Lacy indirectly let her publisher know she's at least trying.

New York's Jessica Coen is coming for you, self deprecators.

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