We learn this week in Vogue that Google executive Marissa Mayer and her husband fiancé are insanely addicted to work. Like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner before them, their manic overachieving can and will put you to shame.

While Trump and Kushner just go to real estate events and check their BlackBerries, Mayer and her husband Zack Bogue — "lawyer/investment manager/athlete/philanthropist" — have actually rewired one anothers' cyborg circuitry:

She's also converted him to sleeping an hour less per night... "She woke

Zack up at 5:00 a.m. and wanted to give her speech; I said, ‘Zack, you

signed up for it. Now you know.' " Zack knows and thrives.

When not subjecting one another to sleep deprivation, Mayer and Bogue like to run triathlons and marathons, carry their laptops everywhere so they can work, stay up late so they can work and maintain three homes, to be near wherever the work is. The couple also enjoys encouraging you to give up on your worthless, silly professional life and consider maybe jarring homemade jam on a farm somewhere, or making hummus in a filthy commune or whatever it is the remaining hippies do these day.