The Pentagon and the DOJ were supposed to file a report this week on how, exactly, we are going to close Guantanamo Bay by January. Well, they are going to miss their deadline. Whoops!

Obama set up a Guantanamo task force on day two of his presidency, and told them to figure out what to do with all those people we have imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. Their report is due tomorrow. But in between January 21 and July 21, some things happened. Like Congress threw a big hissy fit and said no prisoners could be transferred to American soil. And Europe said they didn't really want them either. And it turned out that there was no evidence linking any of the prisoners to any terrorism, so they could not have regular "trials" in "courts."

But aides to Eric Holder and Robert Gates agree that we need to continue to assert the right to hold certain people forever without charging them with anything.

Oh, also, the "interrogations" report is late as well. But we hear the Defense Department's grandma just died so we should totally give them an extension.