Sarah Palin may have disappeared into obscurity since quitting her job as governor of Alaska and returning home to Wasilla to live as a quiet, humble private citizen, but her allies are still fighting back. Allies like her Twittering hairdresser.

Her hairdresser, Jessica "JessicaBeehive" Steele, has just been ranting incoherently on the Twitter all day today, about a week-old Times story that mentioned, in passing, that stress had been making Sarah Palin's hair thin, and so she needed "emergency help" from Ms. Steele, who was interviewed and quoted in the piece.

Apparently Inside Edition called about the story, and now Steele hates the liberal media for being so full of lies, all the time. (Maybe Sarah talked to her hairdresser about the importance of "fighting" "smears" that happen to be true and that you are already on the record confirming?)

But this was not the case last week, when Steele actually read the story!

"Kim Severson, the reporter who interviewed Jessica Steele at some length in her salon for the article, received an e-mail from her early on July 13 saying, 'Thank you so much for the article!! It was perfect!'

"In several later conversations, she confirmed that view. Therefore, we believe our reporting is accurate."

Hm. If only Sarah Palin would return from her self-imposed exile to explain all of this!