Look, it is a scandalously explicit blowjob-oriented advertisement for the Sprite beverage! But wait, Twitterererers: this is a spec ad. What's a spec ad? A sexy one.

A spec ad—at least the ones you hear about—is basically an unofficial ad that will never get officially sanctioned by the brand represented. Often because of too much sexiness! For example, that JC Penney pro-teen sex ad that caused such a ruckus last year, on the blogs, turned out to be a spec ad. Ad people make spec ads for many reasons: to audition their work in hopes of winning an account, for ad competitions, or just because they are bored and horny.

So next time you see an supersexy ad featuring ill-concealed blowjob jokes or overt appeals to teen sexuality, don't just run out and declare that Brand X has gone crazy; ask yourself first, "Is this a spec ad? And if so, why are they all ill-concealed blowjob jokes or overt appeals to teen sexuality?" It'll save everyone a lot of gasping.

Of course, PETA produce sex spots and Burger King blowjob ads are real.

Update: Here's the statement that the corporate PR department at Coca-Cola is putting out about the ad: "This video was NOT produced by or for The Coca-Cola Company or any of its brands. The use of our Sprite brand in this video is completely unauthorized. We are doing everything we can to determine the source of the video and will take appropriate legal action."