Us Weekly editor Janice Min is reportedly considering quitting her job when her contract's up in two weeks. And why not? She's made her millions, and millions. But! The post-magazine life of a celebrity editor is fraught with danger.

P6 says that Min is "sick of the weekly grind," or possibly just figures that she can't possibly get another contract as big as her current $2 mil per year one, so she's leaving.

[A Wenner Media insider we talked to wouldn't comment on Min's future per se, but said that Us Weekly itself is doing fine, with annual revenue "estimated to be well over $300 million." They also disputed P6's assertion that Life & Style has outsold Us. And while P6 floats the name of former Min deputy Colleen Curtis as a possible successor for Min, our source says that Curtis was fired, and would never be selected as Min's successor. Backbiting-y!]

The more interesting part is that Min is allegedly in LA meeting with TV execs to figure out her next gig. You are playing the deadliest game, Janice!

Min has been at the helm of Wenner Media's Us Weekly since 2003, when Bonnie Fuller left to run Star magazine for more than $2 million a year. Fuller now works for a Web site.

A WEB SITE. Do you want to end up like that, Janice? A hobo with a laptop, desperately spouting random words about "celebrities?" For not even a lot of money, we mean? No, you do not. Janice Min was one of the last incredibly blessed individuals fortunate enough to land a multimillion-dollar magazine editing gig. It is quite possible that neither she, nor any other celeb mag editor who lived through the best of times, will ever top that. Once upon a time, after Talk magazine folded, Tina Brown also mentioned that she had plans to go out to LA and climb into the glamorous world of TV. Well. Where is Tina Brown today?

Running a web site. Watch out, Janice. Three is a trend.