Bernie Madoff is adjusting comfortably to life in the North Carolina hick prison which will be his home for the rest of his days. He can take the bad food and the shitty job; but one thing makes Bernie weep.

Since he arrived at Butner, Madoff has only once shown emotion over the impact of his crime, the source said.

"He said that his wife was mad at him because the paparazzi won't leave her alone," the source said, adding Madoff got teary-eyed while making the admission.

You thought Ruth Madoff was just being stuck-up when she got snippy with the Post paps? This stuff really hurts her! Bernie can put up with his new job in the engraving shop and the "fish filet with macaroni and cheese" prison menus. But his poor wife's tears, because of photographers—this is the punishment that will torment his soul.

Also all his victims' despair and whatnot.
[NYP. Pic: Getty]