World Savior, Futuristic Superhero, and pioneer in the field of Mononames, Bono, dished last night on a BBC show a nice little anecdote: he dodged a hug from George W. Bush, once, and Obama was there to congratulate him.

See, Bono was at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2006, which is where a bunch of world leaders (and whatever Bono is) get together to pray and have cereal and talk about how everybody wants to rule the world, and hey, isn't that the guy who sings that song? He's about to give George W. Bush a hug! Noez! Not so much, however. Bono, tricky dick that he is, sidestepped Dubya:

"There were all kinds of people in the audience," Bono recalled on Jonathan Ross' talk show. Bono admitted he didn't feel like being the recipient of a hug from a man with whom he had so many political disagreements. As the affectionate President neared, Bono tried to "dodge the hug" by jumping behind a podium. The sidestep worked, and just about nobody in the audience knew it happened - though it was all captured on camera. But - there was one sharp-eyed Senator in the bipartisan crowd who saw it all.

"When I was sitting down I was beside Sen. Obama, the star said the future President whispered to him, 'Nice work with the hug dodge.'"

Well, now you know you simply can't buy a hug from Bono no matter how many third-world countries you attempt to aid. Also, Obama likes it when you don't hug punks. Don't hug punks in front of Obama.

Finally, Bono also told a strangely satisfying story (okay, not at all "strangely") to the BBC feature The Edge punching him in the face early on in their career, which goes without saying that anybody who calls themselves Bono or The Edge should definitely be hit in the face at least once in their life, no matter how talented they are. Which is to say nothing of the "Discotheque" video.

Bono's hugs, punched face: mysterious ways, indeed.

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