Oh, Alessandra Stanley. As far as newspaper idols go, you're my dreamboat. I loved your shoot-first, fact-check-over-the-dead-body-last approach to writing, but then you stopped doing it. But coming back to old-school-you over Walter Cronkite's appraisal? You're the prodigal-daughter of error.

And the Times isn't happy about the three errors you made, either. Especially since today was Walter Cronkite Day, and you know, journalism's kinda fucked and all. Better pay fellas like him the res-pekt they deserve, yeah? Well, "peep" the correction, emphasis mine:

An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to a news organization for which Walter Cronkite worked. At the time, it was called United Press, not United Press International. The earlier version also misstated the date of the first moon landing; it was July 20, 1969, not July 26. And it misspelled Telstar.

Wow. They even started a sentence with a conjunction, which is akin to being slapped with something silly, like a squeak toy. Anyway: Stanley-Watch has [sic] returnxed! Good to have you back for the first time, babes.

Cronkite's Signature: Approachable Authority [NYT]

Update: Oh, wow. NYTPicker points out three more errors-one about the broadcasting team Cronkite did-or didn't-work with, one about Cronkite's first words when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon-they actually just landed in the lunar module-and one about his ratings. They also corrected a spelling mistake in my headline. Error terror begets error! According to them, this brings her into a 10 error-year, slightly under the 50 error-year they'd predicted. Is there somewhere we can place a wager on this kind of thing?