Ah, the good old days—when crazy oddball media titans stood astride the magazine world, being odd. We have more fun stories about former Maxim publisher and admitted killer Felix Dennis! He's a neat freak who takes care of friends.

A former staffer at one of Dennis' magazines sent us the following random rumor/ stories about working for the man, the myth, the food safety fanatic:

  • Warned that Felix Dennis was coming to visit their office, the staffers did a half-ass job of cleaning the place up. Felix, a neat freak, came, saw, freaked out, and threatened to fire everybody if the office wasn't clean the next morning. He didn't end up firing them, though!
  • There was a rumor in the office (a pretty strange rumor, if you think about it) that Felix Dennis was deathly scared of contracting an STD. Seems reasonable! One employee there went to Dennis' house, snooped around, and reported that he owned many, many dildos. Not a crime! Except the snooping part.
  • Felix Dennis insisted that one of his close friends be placed on the masthead of a magazine as "Snowboard Editor." Despite the fact that she never wrote anything, snowboard-related or otherwise.

See how wacky the magazine world was, back before it died? If you have any good stories about magazine moguls of the good old days, email us. [Pic via]