Vanity Fair overlord Graydon Carter just turned 60, and his staff rewarded him with a positively Vanity Fair-ish birthday party! The highlight was sung to the tune of 'A Few of My Favorite Things'...

Vanity Fair deputy editor and classically trained pianist Doug Stumpf played "My Favorite Things" on an electric keyboard, while staffers sang lyrics written by contributing editor David Kamp, "My Graydonish Things." Lyrics included: "Mid-cent'ry modern and books by O'Hara/ Pear liquer poured by Reinaldo Herrera/Mac and cheese garnished with truffle shay-vings/These are a few of my Graydonish Things…"

They continued:

"Pink pencil-wielding for Waverly seating/
Speaking quite quickly, returning to eating/
Ideas that took just a smidgen of brainssssss/
These are a few of my Graydonish Things...

Not making fun of Brooke Astor's dementia/
Once-fancy rest'raunts, now hobos can enter/
Amazing fucks, for his monster cock hangssssss/
These are a few of my Graydonish Things."

Happy birthday, dude!