Awww, gross! Heiress and former Apprentice helper Ivanka Trump, 27, has gotten engaged to newspaper-destroying millionaire playboy Jared Kushner, 28. She announced it over Twitter, because that's what people do these days. But what will their parents think??

(Normal this-may-be-a-fake-Twitter-account disclaimers apply) Update: It's real! A rep for Jared just confirmed the news for us.

See it's quite possible that the Trumps and the Kushners really don't like each other. Supposedly the Donald is upset because J-rad's dad was in jail for being a shady real estate mogul. And the Kushners didn't like that Ivanka is not, er, of the tribe. But perhaps all is mended now that the pair, who have been together about two years, have proved their commitment to each other and Ivanka has been dutifully becoming a Jew.

Aha! And for his part, the Donald has blessed the union, telling Us Weekly: "I'm very happy about it. They make a magnificent couple." A "source" tells that magazine "The ring is stunning!" We believe it.

We also now tingle with anticipatory horror thinking about what sort of New York clusterfuck of a wedding these two are going to cobble together. Hopefully they'll announce the date and location with a lot of notice, so we have time to get the hell out of town.

Image via Splash