America's infamous capricious sprite, Sarah Palin, is still out there "advancing in another direction." Today she saw a bear, a transformative experience which inspired her leviathan intellect to ponder the lessons she learned from it, lessons she shared on Twitter.

Here's what the nutty moose-lady had to say:

Whoa! Are we the only ones sensing that the Twit of the Tundra's brain droppings are laden with coded messages? Coded messages like "I will kill David Letterman for raping my daughters" and "bloggers who make fun of Trig will be eaten" and "the lower 48 is Alaska's dirty bitch" and "Todd is a creepy tool with a room temperature IQ and I don't need his dumb ass," among other things.

We said this when she joined Twitter but it bears (pun intended) repeating: Sarah Palin on Twitter is the best thing to ever happen on the internet.

Pic via Runners World