After TechCrunch published hacker-obtained Twitter documents, people wondered whether publisher Mike Arrington would be spit on (again), arrested or ejected from an inner circle. The Twitterati were obsessed!

Business Insider's Dan Frommer asked the smartest follow-up question about TechCrunch and Twitter.

Web entrepreneur Jeff Atwood isn't saying people should spit in Mike Arrington's face for publishing internal Twitter documents, just that the TechCrunch publisher deserves to have people spit in his face. Is this what the high road looks like?

The New York Times' Patrick LaForge, meanwhile, wondered if Arrington might be confined to his home by the authorities. Actually, it was the authorities who forced him to leave his house.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, meanwhile, discovered Paul McCartney playing outside the Ed Sullivan Theater and spent at least an hour livetweeting the performance (almost like a real broadcast journalist!).

Berkeley food mecca Chez Panisse joined Twitter, in a way that maximized the glory of France. Naturally.

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