Arianna Huffington's 59th birthday has been nothing if not dramatic. The internet publisher returned to her birthplace of Athens, Greece before ending up in Dubrovnik, Croatia, possibly via David Geffen's boat. Then, Huffington did whatever Twitter told her to.

Huffington is known to spend part of the summer on David Geffen's boat with a rotating cast of celebrities. Other times, it's Larry Ellison's boat. That would explain her cavorting around the Mediterranean this year. (UPDATE: Geffen owns a share of Ellison's boat, we're told, so we're talking about the same yacht in both cases.)

Once ashore, in any case, the citizen journalism pioneer went more Democratic, soliciting restaurant and bar recommendations from her microblog followers. Then she enthusiastically visited no fewer than three of them (see below).

If the seasoned socialite did so all in one night, count us impressed. And if she learns to be this polite to her staff, we'll send a gift ourselves.

(Pic: JD Lasica)