Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis has a new job: lobbying for the post-coup government of Honduras!

You just wonder, sometimes: Hillary Clinton seems like a reasonable and smart person who is trying very hard to be good at her job, so is she embarrassed by her continued association with amoral, universally reviled hacks like Lanny Davis and Mark Penn, men who did more than almost anyone else to make her presidential campaign into a sad, unfunny joke?

So, yes. Lanny Davis. He does some "crisis management" work, which is a thing we can't even call a "necessary evil" because honestly it is not necessary, just inevitable. He is a senior adviser for the crazy-right-wing Israel Project and a lobbyist for the government of Pakistan. He is everything bad about Democrats, dating back to his days as a young Yale graduate working for Ed Muskie, to his support of Joe Lieberman against that terrible insurgent real Democrat, to, finally, his insisting that Hillary Clinton would surely win the election once she got 200% of the Mighigan and Florida delegates counted, which she should get, because Barack Obama is a cheater, and he's mean.

He is just bad, for the country. And not just our country! He is now being bad for Honduras, where the military recently seized power, on behalf of the business elite, who were worried that some of their wealth might be redistributed to that nation's poor. (Yes, yes, the President wanted to have a Constitutional Referendum about term limits which means he was basically morphing into CASTRO before their eyes.) So these business leaders, who just installed their own, hand-picked president hired a powerful lobbyist with ties to the Secretary of State, by the name of Lanny Davis!

"This is about the rule of law. That is the only message we have," Davis said, adding that Zelaya "was acting unconstitutionally and illegally" when he pushed for a voter referendum to change presidential term limits.

Yes, the military frog-marching the democratically elected President to a waiting plane, seizing power, and arresting journalists, all on behalf of the moneyed class, is a very good way to go about this "rule of law" stuff.