Yesterday we showed you the opening parts of Spin, a new roman à clef about nightmare PR lobster lady Lizzie Grubman. You seemed to "like" it, so we thought we'd continue the book club. By skipping to the very end!

When we last checked in with former Grubman assistant Robert Rave's tale, "Jennie" was dressed to the nines and doing lines at 6 in the morning. We can all imagine what happens between there and the end: She acts bitchy, the boy assistant balks, celebrities are nastily name dropped, kiddo gets some balls and decides to quit. And it is our imagination, because we still haven't read the thing. We're thinking Andy Sachs shit, basically.

So, what do we get, then, at the end? A recreation of Grubman's signature moment: crazed attempted vehicular poor-people-icide! And she targets the narrator and his friends, specifically. They're outside a nightclub or something...

And that's how it ends OMG, who dies??? Who lives?? We'll never know!!