The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports today on the Marine who refuses to go to Afghanistan because Barack Obama is not qualified to be president. If this ProfNet inquiry is any indication, reporter Alyse Knorr found his arguments compelling!

LAW/TODAY: Obama's Presidential Eligibility — Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionTOP
[Limited to the Northeast/Southeast] I need an expert in constitutional law to tell me why Obama *is* eligible to be the president of the United States. Many people claim he is not the president because he was born in Hawaii. I need an expert to explain the eligibility requirement. Contact: Alyse Knorr, [redacted]

Submitted by:Alyse Knorr
Organization:Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Deadline:Jul 15, 2009 01:30 PM EST(America/New_York)

Here are some funny things:

  • Birthers do not actually believe that Obama isn't qualified to be president because he was born in Hawaii. They don't believe he was born in Hawaii!
  • She sent out this query 30 minutes before her deadline. Hah.

Also, this Tweet. (Update: She deleted her account; screenshots next time.) The more you know!