Jonah Hill joked about his Twitter impersonator on David Letterman the other night. It's impressive he was able to laugh about the incident, because the prankster made the him sound like a complete dick, to other celebrities.

Moveline heroically compiled a history of the fake account JonahHill_Jew. Here's an exchange between fake Hill and Marlee Matlin, the deaf actress from West Wing:

Marlee Matlin... tweets that she loved Hill in Superbad. JonahHill_Jew replies, "How funny could it of been when you can't hear it?"

Ugh. Hill also tells comedian Doug Benson he met him at "Yer CD Release party bitch…" Then there was a reported feud between fake Hill and actor/director Jon Favreau; Hill told Letterman he got an upset call from the actor (see clip above), though the fake Hill told Movieline he was never rude to or truly fighting with Favreau.

It could take months before Hill is able to set straight the various Hollywood big shots who think they saw "his" off-color Twitter feed. Maybe Hill have some help setting the record straight: his impostor is already trying to parlay his infamy into a show business career. Maybe in a few years he'll be worth suing!