A hacker compromised various online accounts of Twitter staff, and while the company insists Twitter's own servers were not breached, the attack exposed internal documents gleaned elsewhere — showing the company's hubris and employees' growing sense of entitlement.

The documents show fast-growing Twitter estimates it will have 25 million users at the end of this year, 100 million at the end of 2010 and 350 million at the end of 2011, estimates ambitious even by the standards of optimistic Silicon Valley startups to say nothing of a microblogging service that has had trouble serving just it's existing user base.

More revealing: A "wish list" from Twitter's employees, reprinted by the French website Korben. The company has raided top talent from Google's notoriously entitled ranks, so perhaps it should come as no shock that its staff are demanding a wine cellar:

Plans for new offices including a wish list from the employees who would like a nap room, a games room, plants, a chief cuisto, a meditation hall, garages to cycling, Adjustable offices, a gym, a meditation room, a washer / dryer, wifi, lockers, wine cellar, an aquarium and so on ... They have imagination.

Documents revealed by the hacker:

Twitter email account

Evan Williams' Facebook profile

Twitter floor plan

Plans for Twitter reality show

Plans for Twitter reality show, part 2

Plans for Twitter apparel

List of high-profile Twitter users

Twitter's domain name control panel