Josh Lucas—romcom star, nightlife regular, Matthew McConaughey admirer—seems like a nice guy, right? Well. As long as he's doing his yoga. When Josh Lucas stops doing his yoga...well, you wouldn't like Josh Lucas then.

In order to get into character [for Death in Love], Mr. Lucas committed to being crazy for 25 days. Like the character, he avoided all things beneficial or healthy.
"I tried to do everything to be beaten and rundown, a sense of feeling that pain. I purposefully did not do yoga or go to the dog park or hang out in bright, beautiful places."

Yoga or the dog park. It's called sacrifice, kids. After those dark days, Josh had to immediately re-calm himself. With yoga.

He also switched from Bikram yoga, which is intense hot yoga, to Kundalini yoga. Sometimes, he says, "it's as esoteric as sitting there with your hands in a strange posture and just quietly breathing.

Doing yoga is a thing Josh Lucas likes to do. Yoga. Just be thankful that Josh Lucas found yoga—before he went over the edge:

"It's funny, I was doing yoga the other day, and it must have been a fire truck that pulled up and started blasting its horn because the cars wouldn't move out of its way, and I actually burst out laughing, 'cause I was like, ‘This is incredible.' I was like, ‘Thank God I'm doing yoga right now, because otherwise I might not be laughing, I might be screaming.'"

If you see Josh Lucas doing anything other than yoga, call the police at once.
[NYO. Pic: Getty]