George David, the wealthy ex-husband of Swedish countess divorceé Marie Douglas-David, is happy to reveal himself as the World's Biggest Pussy to fight his ex-wife's gold-digging. We just go along with this dynamic! Today: George David's no P-I-M-P.

Why does George David attract so many of the ladies? Because he is a generous sucker. He bought his mistress thousands and thousands of dollars worth of fancy items at La Perla, though he probably did not foresee the fact that one day he would have to have this exchange about it in open court:

"And La Perla is a women's — uh — lingerie store?"
"Bathing suits," said the mogul.
"High end?" asked the lawyer.
"I don't know enough to know that," the mogul snapped at the well-dressed lawyer, whose brightly colored socks are something of a trademark. "I suppose you know more than I do."
"Well, do you buy clothing for yourself there?" the lawyer asked, apparently trying to pin down just whose posteriors the purchased La Perlas were destined to barely cover.
"As far as I know, not," the mogul answered.
"What does that mean?" asked the lawyer.
"Well, I don't think they have clothing for men."

This is why most fabulously wealthy corporate titans just buy themselves sex trafficking victims and stash them in prison-like apartments in various third world countries, I imagine. Far less legal peril than cheating on countesses. Anyhow Andrea Peyser also reports that George David wears bad suits, is "insane," and is the World's Biggest Pussy.
[NYP. Pics: Getty]