Things have gotten so bad that unpaid corporate interns are literally starving. Across America, interns are desperately prostituting their fresh young smiling faces in return for a single box of Little Debbie muffins, so they may live another day.

Little Debbie told the interns of America that if they take a photo of themselves at the office holding up some cutesy sign with a plea, and looking pitiful, that Little Debbie will bestow upon them one (1) free box of muffins, which they may gobble up as quickly as possible in order to absorb the maximum number of calories before the fellow office hordes smell them out and descend like so many hungry bats, while the Little Debbie corporation receives, in return, rights to exploit their image in perpetuity. And interns are doing this all over the place. Hey, what's that, muffins? Give me some, I'm your boss. Is that a picture of you at the office? You're all fucking fired.
[via Adrants]