Some joker slipped some pornography into an Austin Powers video at a Brooklyn public library, and a grandma was shocked when she rented it. "Ha," you might exclaim, in reaction. NYC's most objectionable assemblyman objects to your "unbelievable chutzpah"!

"This is unbelievable," [assemblyman Dov] Hikind fumed. "The bottom line is that the local library can be unsafe for young children. It's pretty sick stuff."

The Brooklyn Public Library said it had the problem under control and would remove the tape.

But Hikind said that showed "unbelievable chutzpah," and added that therapists have warned that children can suffer lasting psychological damage from exposure to pornography.

Dov Hikind, the same assemblyman who happily agreed to meet with Uzbekistan's murderous dictator and vowed not to allow any references to gypsies or homosexuals on a Holocaust memorial, will not rest until that Brooklyn public library agrees to burn itself to the ground, for the children.