Web producer Annemarie Dooling was in line at HSBC when a robbery held up the bank. She immediately sprung into action. On Twitter.

Dooling, no stranger to Valleywag's Twitterati, posted a series of tweets about the holdup from inside the bank.

But she'd like haters of the microblogging service to know she wasn't shirking her citizenly duties to report the incident to police; she can't work the phone or email functions on her mobile device because the trackball is broken, so Twittering was really the only option. And besides, she didn't actually know she'd witnessed a robbery until it was too late to do anything about it.

That won't keep the proprietor of Frill Seeker Diary from entering Twitter lore along with the fellow who live-tweeted a home break in instead of calling the cops; Business Insider, which first posted about Dooling's tweets, has already made the comparison.

Still, at least Dooling didn't run into a tree while tweeting, and then tweet about it.