The 270,000 square-foot space on 23rd street that once housed Marc Ecko's headquarters before he pissed away his fortune is now up for rent. Anyone have $9 million per year to spare?

But hey it's got a basketball court and the price is "negotiable" according to the broker! What are you waiting for?!

Meanwhile, according to Crain's, Ecko is selling off his assets left and right to raise money.

The clock is ticking for Mr. Ecko, who is desperately trying to raise enough capital to pay off Marc Ecko Enterprises' debts. In June, Ecko sold its watch trademarks to Timex Group, the former licensee, and subsequently unloaded its Avirex young men's brand to Kids Headquarters. Additionally, Ecko bailed out of a pricey Times Square lease and closed its Cut & Sew boutique in Chelsea.

Poor Marc Ecko. Just a few years ago he was buying record-setting baseballs and planning to build a mega-retail center in Times Square. It's sort of amazing how rapidly one's fortunes can fall these days, isn't it?

Via Cityfile