Comedy Central's new show "Michael & Michael Have Issues" features Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter making so much meta-humor you may just fall down and die. It will also feature—in a true breakthrough—live-action ads! Uh...meta?

In what is believed to be a first for a scripted series, "Michael & Michael" will feature live commercials during six of its seven episodes, as Messrs. Black and Showalter humorously wax poetic about the virtues of products including Unilever's Klondike, Dunkin' Donuts, Mike's Hard Lemonade and Palm Pre.

So, that will be weird. To "criticize" this sort of arrangement would be unforgivably un-meta, since it's all being done ironically/ for real, which is even more ironic than just doing it ironically. Comedy Central's ad guy says that the Michaels "know the economic realities of television, so they know want to play ball."

What would you do for a Klondike bar, Michael Ian Black? Would you play ball? I think you would.
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