The Fox crew are plain goin' nuts about how Obama has appointed many people whom the media have dubbed "Czars." They will not shut about about the Czars! You know who else hated Czars, guys? How soon we forget!

So, yes, the "Czars" are officials in charge of managing and organizing the executive branch's efforts on certain issues, like drugs, the auto industry, energy, and so on. They all have actual official titles—"Energy Czar" Carol Browner is "Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change" and Gil Kerlikowske is the "Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy" and so on—and in fact one of the very few things all of these people have in common is that the media has decided to call all of them "Czars."

And also you should be terrified of all of the Czars, because they are unAmerican. Specifically they are Russian, and did you notice how we nationalized the car industry and then appointed a Czar to run it, which is what the communists did, according to Neil Cavuto?

(Thanks to intern Amber van Natten for meticulously putting together this video!)