Anthony Weiner, the annoying whiz-kid congressman who didn't run for mayor this year because he didn't think he'd be able to beat Bloomberg, decided to get married, instead. Sorry, ladies! Huma Abedin is about to become Mrs. Weiner.

Weiner, who knows she is way outside his league, confirmed the engagement on Sunday. Abedin is Hillary Clinton's longtime aide and currently works at the State Department. He proposed last May, just days before he published his editorial about why he would not run for mayor. There were hints! Like: "I believe I have a contribution to make in Congress fighting for New Yorkers. (I'd also like to build a family.)" See, the first bit there is the meaningless spin, and the parenthetical bit is the grain of actual truth.

Good luck to the happy couple! Also, Mr. "Amnesty International and the New York Times hate Israel so much" is marrying a Muslim! Maybe he will be less of an asshole, now?