Police say that boxer Arturo Gatti, who was found dead last weekend, was strangled in his sleep by his 23 year-old ex-stripper wife. As if that wasn't unpleasant enough, Perez Hilton put up some other dude's picture on Gatti's "R.I.P." post.

The straight news: Gatti, who had taken more blows to the head than any human ever should, was vacationing in Brazil with his wife, Amanda Carine Barbosa Rodrigues. Their relationship was known to be violent. It did not end well. Cops say she strangled Gatti to death with her purse strap, which was found covered in his blood. Her alibi was not so great:

Rodrigues could not explain how she had spent nearly 10hours in the room without noticing that Gatti was dead, authorities said.

Uh huh. The final indignity: not only did Perez Hilton (a boxer himself!) run the wrong guy's picture as Gatti to memorialize him—he ran a picture of Alfonso Gomez, a guy who beat Gatti. Ouch. Perez's heartfelt words upon learning of Gatti's passing: "Major bummer!"

We know that Arturo's family appreciates that, Perez. For future reference, though, here's another photo from the very same set of Getty pictures from the Gatti-Gomez fight that you pulled your wrong photo from. The secret to identifying which one is Gatti: He's the one in the "GATTI" trunks. Don't say we never gave you any worthwhile tips! [NYDN, True/Slant. Fight pic: Getty]