Since Michael Jackson died you've probably lost sleep wondering, "I wonder what he'd have looked if he hadn't f-ed himself all up with plastic surgery?" Well now, thanks to the work of some forensic artists, you can know.

The blog Next Nature, which describes itself as a site devoted to "nature caused by human culture," asks the question: "How will Michael Jackson appear in heaven?"

Using childhood photo's of Michael and knowledge on basic aging trends, forensic artists constructed a portrait of how Michael would have looked at age 50, had he never undergone plastic surgery.

All of this leads to yet another question, assuming, of course, that there actually is a heaven that God's finest peoples ascend to—What physical form do we take when we get to heaven? Do we appear as we were at the moment of our death, or do we revert back to a time before aging, disease and disfigurement may have set in? Or does God let us choose which physical form we'd like to take when we arrive?

Frankly this a question I obsessed over when I was a wee Cajun lad growing up Catholic in South Louisiana. I bugged the hell out of my Mom and cathecism teachers and just about every other adult I suspected might know the answer. Never did I find one (Naturally), which is one of the many reasons I'm agnostic today.

How Will Michael Jackson Appear in Heaven? [Next Nature]
via Justine Bateman