Reports coming from inside the building have been trickling in our tipline throughout the day: Jennifer Aniston's shooting her new movie at the New York Daily News offices. So, what's the Daily News' bring-a-movie-star-to-work day like? We have photographic evidence.

Aniston's working on The Bounty, in which she actually plays a Daily News reporter (put that in your blender with some everclear, hit frappe, and drink that, Col Allan). Apparently, it's a movie about a bounty hunter who finds out his next target is his wife.

The first tip we got was this:

They're doing a scene in the restroom so you have to go downstairs if you actually give a shit. it appears that (literally) pissed-off reporters have to trek around the building in order to empty their hydration vessels in order to continue bringing us the hard-hitting...New York Post counterpoints...that the Daily News provides.

The second substantial tip:

There are dozens of extras getting paid more than real reporters to look like reporters.

Working journalists: do you look like working journalists? If so, there may be a better (paying) career out there for you! But finally, some photographic evidence from one of the extras on set. Want to see what people pretending to be journalists look like?

Pretty accurate, no? Daily News-ers, extras, and production crew can continue to send in tips and photos of what it's like to eerily see yourself not be yourself (or get paid more than yourself) in the fourth dimension they're-making-a-movie-about-my-life-except-not kind of way. Also, information on interactions between Aniston and the Daily News gossip staff would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile, your move, New York Post.