Shepard "OBEY Obama" Fairey has pleaded guilty to vandalism charges in Boston, and he's getting off easy. Boston, on the other hand...

Fairey was arrested in February, and initially looked like he was going to fight the case. But the prospect of spending a lot of time in court in Boston must have tired him out. He pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor vandalism charges, got 11 charges dropped, and was sentenced to two years probation.

The 39-year-old Los Angeles street artist must pay $2,000 to a graffiti removal organization and cannot possess tagging materials - such as stickers or paste - in Boston except for authorized art installations. He also must tell officials when he plans to visit Suffolk County, where Boston is located.

Hey officials, he'll probably never visit your town again, to practice his world-famous art, which could give your city a serious injection of badly needed cultural cachet. No. He'll stay far away. Score one for law and order.
[USAT. Pic: Getty]