Here is famous capitalist T. Boone Pickens, blogging for the "GREEN" section of the liberal HuffPo, asking for Congress to subsidize his business ventures even more than they already do, to protect the planet or whatever.

T. Boone gave up on wind power, which was a nice little land-grab scheme and PR boost, but the wind was always a front for his natural gas interests.

And you know, we could find some examples of Arianna Huffington and everyone else on that site decrying the Swift Boat attacks of 2004, or even just using "Swift Boat" as a shorthand for incredibly underhanded smear campaigns that are hurting America, and then we could point out that this man who is blogging about the Green-ness of his current attempt to have the federal government give him money is the same man who funded that Swift Boat campaign, but it's Friday, who has that kind of time?

Well, ok, we do.