Eric Lodwick is the brother of hipster Web millionaire Jakob Lodwick. He's also now Lyle Lodwick, at least as far as his modeling career goes. Is it fair to tie the Topshop poster boy to his notorious fameball brother?

Perhaps not, if only because Lyle (née Eric) has been more successful in his overshares. His brother uploads videos of scary knife play and intimate moments to the video website he started, while Lyle runs naked through a forest in a Sigur Rós video, according to New York's The Cut. And we haven't heard anything about Lyle turning up topless at business mixers.

Then again, in Lyle's line of work, that would actually be appropriate. When you're prancing about for the likes of Burberry and Lanvin, you're moving beyond fameballing and toward outright stardom. Big brother could probably learn something from his example.