Rick Sanchez is apologized for the lack of shameless pandering on CNN; Diablo Cody Twittered about therapy and Rafe Needleman lamented the silent passing of an historic moment. The Twitterati needed catharsis today.

Actress Diablo Cody is so badly addicted to cultural references, she can't stop dropping them, on Twitter even, about her own therapy, even. (We'd suggest counseling, but that would apparently just feed the cycle.)

CNET's Rafe Needleman scolded his inner geek, via his outer geek.

News anchor Rick Sanchez actually apologized for the lack of savage physical violence on CNN. ABOUT TIME.

Joe Randazzo, Onion editor, questioned the ethics of New York Times, actual serious newspaper. And he had a point!

LA Weekly's Alexia Tsotsis, recently of Gawker, found Nikki Finke's tech coverage highly inappropriate.

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