With all of this tabloid love for Michael Jackson today, which brave soul shall stand up and proudly fly the "Sicko!" banner of dissent? Hark! Andrea Peyser still exists.

Among Andrea's objections to Michael and his lifestyle:

[He] died intentionally disfigured, traveled the world with his personal anesthesiologist, owed money to everyone from Bel Air to Bahrain, abandoned a pet chimpanzee when the beast reached puberty, and hadn't had a hit record in more than 20 years.

Michael Jackson died with enough drugs in his system to fell a small village — indulging a habit that, like everything else about his twisted, wasted life, was overlooked by toadies, enablers and those who profited from access to this amoral walking skeleton.

"Death has not cleansed him," she concludes. Andrea Peyser will not be out-"Michael Jackson is a sicko"-ed at her own fucking paper. Even she does not find his behavior sexy. Not one bit.

The fact that Andrea Peyser is still able to obtain press passes is one of the most astounding things in all the media. Also astounding: On the direct opposite page of the Post today is Dan Aquilante's blowjob column praising the "remarkably tasteful" MJ memorial. They fight in the parking lot after work tonight.