Lilo stole the formula for her spray-tan product and passed on a starring role in The Hangover, Britney Spears visits the Eiffel Tower, Mischa Barton's wisdom teeth are making her bloated and Megan Fox steps out in an Armani dress.

  • Just when you think that Lindsay Lohan couldn't possibly come up with a way to shock you silly with some new staggering act of human stupidity, she goes and gets herself sued for allegedly stealing the formula to a spray-on tan product so she can produce one of her own. Simply unbelievable. [Daily News]

  • In even more unbelievable Lindsay Lohan news, the can't get an acting job to save her life actress was apparently offered the role Heather Graham played in The Hangover, but turned it down because she thought the script "had no potential." [Page Six]

  • Meryl Streep and Amy Adams both put on considerable amounts of weight during the rehearsals and filming of Julie and Julia, as they were forced to eat almost constantly. [Gatecrasher]

  • Porcupine-domed producer Brian Grazer has taken a new lover and apparently she has a sordid past filled with jail time for shoplifting charges or something. [Page Six]

  • While the world mourned the death of the King of Pop yesterday, Britney Spears was living it up in Paris, touring the Eiffel Tower with her kids and just refusing to shed tears like the rest of us. Evil. Pure evil. [Sun]

  • So we all watched the Michael Jackson memorial yesterday, right? But where will he be buried? The Mirror is reporting that the family plans to keep his burial spot a secret, but America demands to know where Michael's corpse is dammit! [Mirror]

  • Mischa Barton has gone from being dangerously skinny to downright bloated in a short period of time. She claims it has something to do with wisdom teeth. [Daily Mail]

  • The Brits are all in a tizzy about an Armani dress that Megan Fox wore to attend a fashion show in Paris yesterday. And, really, it is pretty hot. [Daily Mail]

  • Halle Berry and her male model dude husband Gabriel Aubry were photographed hanging out in a pool in Miami and good Lord are they an attractive couple. [DListed]