Speaking of important Michael Jackson news, pancake-painter-to-the-stars Dan Lacey has some! He painted this moving portrait of "Joe Jackson with a Michael Jackson memorial ticket and a pancake upon his head." Ebay is censoring it!

It was all a big misunderstanding though. It probably just got flagged for having "Michael Jackson memorial ticket" in the description. So then Ebay put it back. But now they've pulled it down again. "Ebay has told me that they need to consult with their legal department before allowing the painting to be relisted," says Lacey.

What are you afraid of, Ebay? Is the truth about the MJ-JJ-Pancake connection a little "too much" for the boardroom types? We wouldn't want material like this falling into the wrong hands, hmmmm? You cannot hold the people down, Ebay. We are legion.

In the meantime you can buy this other MJ-related painting by Dan Lacey, which is equally dramatic: