The rollicking jalopy of dung that is the Sarah Palin traveling clown-show is still rolling along, so let's recap the latest—There's a new ethics complaint, career consultations with Cheney and Giuliani, and Hitler being pissed about her quitting.

Let's go through these, shall we?

  • Yet another ethics complaint was filed against Palin in Alaska yesterday. What for? Oh, remember when we learned that Palin, great American fiscal conservative and hater of wasteful spending that she is, was charging the state a travel per diem to work out of her own home in Wasilla? Well apparently she's continued to do it, pocketing several thousand dollars of "bonus" income in the process. So dang mavericky!

  • Palin spoke to the Anchorage Daily News about her resignation and once again offered a mystery grab-bag of reasons for her abrupt departure.
  • It's a combination of things that has brought me to this place of knowing. I love Alaskans too much to put them through a lame duck session heading into my final year in office; I was going to be honest and tell them I'm not going to run for re-election. I'm not going to let Alaskans go through a year of stymied, paralyzed administration and not getting anything done. I'm going to let Sean Parnell take this and we will see that things will let up...With Sean in the governor's seat it won't be the politics of personal destruction, I don't believe...Especially when all these lawmakers are lining up for office. Their desire would be to clobber the administration left and right so that they can position themselves for office. I'm not going to put Alaskans through that.

  • Pill-addled party boss Rush Limbaugh still sees Palin as a viable leader of the Republican party. He took time away from being a Viagra-fueled sex tourist to make a statement about her on his show.
  • These people saying that she's an instant target because she quit, that's just inside-the-Beltway formulaic and she's not that. If anything this woman, her m.o. is outside-the-box and not formulaic. All I know is that she is going to continue to fire-up people in the conservative Republican base as often as she speaks to 'em.

  • Despite the fact that most of the people closest to her had no idea she was resigning last Friday, ABC is reporting that Palin consulted with Dick Cheney and Rudy Giuliani about the move.

  • And finally, there's the inevitable freakout by Hitler over Sarah Palin's quitting. These are always funny, and this one is oh so very funny. Even funnier than the Michael Jackson death freakout, in my opinion.

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