In San Francisco, citizens complain to the city over Twitter. Bostonians have it even better: they got an iPhone application just for carping at City Hall. It's never been easier to funnel your complaint into a Kafkaesque black hole!

Boston officials brag that their iPhone app is the first of its kind, allowing citizens to easily emal pictures — of graffiti, potholes and the like — to the city, complete with embedded GPS location tags.

Those residents who can't afford to blow $2,500 on an iPhone plus service plan can still use the city's 24-hour telephone hotline, which was the city's previous revolutionary way of collecting complaints. How'd it go?

In the past, residents have grumbled that their complaints disappeared
into a bureaucratic black hole. Some said they had to call the city
hotline repeatedly to get results.

With the iPhone app, that simply won't happen anymore. Now citizens will get a tracking number for their complaints, and the city will now ignore their hectoring via the internet, as God intended. Thank you, Steve Jobs!

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