Last night we kinda took Newt Gingrich to the woodshed for a grammatical abortion of a tweet he posted to his Twitter account yesterday. Apparently Newt took note of our criticism, as did MSNBC's Contessa Brewer.

Brewer seemed to agree with our contention that public figures, especially those who run around correlating a failure to grasp the basics of the English language to a life in the ghetto, should perhaps put a little more effort into their tweets like, you know, making sure that they're in line with the basic tenets of grammar.

Responding on his Twitter account this morning, Newt said the following:

Gingrich's tweets raised an interesting question in our minds—What's a bigger annoyance to a political figure...the internet or his wife?

Finally, Contessa, ever since you eviscerated Sarah Palin's personal goblin John Ziegler on the air last month, we kind of have a staggering crush on you. So call us or DM us on Twitter or something, okay?